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NEW Veterinary HPM Pet Food

After a lot of deliberation, we're now stocking Virbac Veterinary HPM Pet food.  Previously, we've avoided recommending any pet food, as it's very hard to distinguish between brands, but this is a premium food we believe will aid our pet’s health & wellbeing.
The natural canine diet would be high in protein and low in carbs - Virbac HPM has 30% more protein and 40% less carbs – one of the best on the market – giving pets not just what they need, but what they prefer. It’s closer to the natural needs of carnivores.

What are the health benefits and why is it better..?

In addition to it’s low carb, high protein nutritional benefits, it contains carefully selected dietary supplements, expertly tailored to each stage of the dogs life helping keep them in optimal health.  There are up to 10 health benefits including high palatability, urinary and renal support, low allergen formula and joint & muscle support.

Is it affordable..?

We know that everyone has to watch their spending these days, so the good news is that compared to other leading brands, HPM usually works out more cost effective on a cost-per-day basis.


Special Offers

BOGOF Baby Cat Promotion

Buy one bag of HPM Baby Cat 400g and get another 400g bag FREE. 

BOGOF Baby Dog Promotion

Buy one bag of dog food below and get another bag FREE on:
  • HPM Baby Dog Small & Toy 1.5Kg, or
  • HPM Baby Dog Large & Medium 3Kg

Buy 5 Bags Get a 6th Free Promotion

Grab a loyalty card, buy 5 bags of any food and get your 6th bag FREE.

(Free bag would be same size as cheapest bag previously bought)


Pet Fit Club

Did you know that 59% of dogs and 39% of cats in the UK are overweight?

Being overweight increases the risks of them developing diabetes, heart and liver disease, tumours, arthritus and respiratory problems.

If they've put on a few pounds recently, why not join the Pet Fit Club?  It's the fun and highly effective way to help your pet lose those extra pounds. 

We've a special Limited Offer – only £25..!

A half hour initial consultation with one of our veterinary nurses to discuss their diet, treats, exercise and more, followed by 5 checkups for a weight check and measurement to see how they're losing weight.  

To join or to find out more info, just call reception on 01983 212999 today.