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In our operating theatre we have the facilities and experience to perform a wide range of surgeries from delicate eye surgery and routine lumpectomies/stitch ups to emergency procedures such as caesarian sections and exploratory laparotomies and everything in between. A small premium is charged for procedures performed in the mobile operating facility. There is no premium to pay if pets are brought in to our central base in Newport where we have facilities for operating, xrays, hospitalisation, etc.

During mobile operations, your pets will be weighed on the scales before receiving a pre-med prior to their operation. This will calm them. They can then stay with yourselves until a little sleepier, we will then transport them to the operating theatre for surgery. All the equipment you would find in a normal operating theatre is on board and ready to go.

If your pet requires bloods and fluids this is provided as part of the service. After the surgery we will stay with you as your pet comes round from the anaesthetic. Any post-op information will then be discussed along with medications required. We will only leave your premises once you are completely happy.

If you would like a detailed estimate for any procedure, please feel free to call or contact by email.