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There are various advantages to having your pets neutered and we strongly recommend that you do so unless planning on breeding.

A spay involves an anaesthetic and the reproductive apparatus (ovaries and uterus) being surgically removed. This prevents bitches/queens from attracting unwanted male attention during seasons, having puppies/kittens and contracting serious uterine infections. It will also reduce the incidence of mammary cancers developing.

We can spay bitches pre or post season. Pre-season spays are performed from 5 months, post season need to be 2 months after their last season. Kittens can be spayed from 3 months old.


We are pleased to offer laparoscopic ovariectomies in place of the traditional bitch spay. We are the only veterinary surgery to offer this service on the Isle of Wight.

Laparoscopic surgery (also commonly known as key hole surgery) is the gold standard for a wide range of operations in humans, but sadly is still only rarely performed in animals. Just as in humans, the very small incisions mean a much faster recovery, less risk of post-operative infections, less risks of post-operative wound complications, and most importantly, significantly less pain than with old-fashioned open abdominal surgery.

A castration will discourage your dog/cat from roaming, and prevent testicular infections and cancers. It will also significantly reduce the incidence of prostate cancers developing. It may aid with temperament but there are no guarantees here.

Kitten castrations can be performed from 3 months of age and dogs from around 5 months.

If you would like to discuss neutering further please feel free to e-mail or call!