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Lap Bitch Spays & Neutering

There are many advantages to having your pets neutered and we strongly recommend that you do so unless planning on breeding. This prevents bitches/queens from attracting unwanted male attention during seasons, having puppies/kittens and contracting serious uterine infections. It will also reduce the incidence of mammary cancers developing. A castration will discourage your dog/cat from roaming, and prevent testicular infections and cancers. It will also significantly reduce the incidence of prostate cancers developing. It may aid with temperament but there are no guarantees here.

We can spay bitches pre or post season. Pre-season spays are performed from 5 months, post season need to be 3 months after their last season. Kitten castrations can be performed from 3 months of age and puppies from around 5 months.

What is laparoscopic surgery..?

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgery performed by inserting a very thin surgical telescope or endoscope through tiny incisions in the body. In many cases the wounds are only 5mm in size. Before inserting the tools, the abdomen is filled with medical carbon dioxide to aid visualisation. The tools are then inserted down small tubes which are placed in the abdominal wall through tiny incisions. Special surgical seals are used to minimise bleeding and negate the requirement to put surgical suture material or hands within the abdomen. The veterinary surgeon can view the whole procedure on a magnified screen. In keeping with our innovative ethos and drive to provide the best possible care for our patients, we felt it was a worthy investment to offer this additional service.

Is laparoscopic surgery more expensive than old-fashioned "open" surgery..?

Laparoscopic surgery is slightly more expensive than old-fashioned open abdominal surgery, however the slightly higher fees are not unreasonable for all the advantages laparoscopic surgery offers.  The surgical equipment is also more expensive to purchase and maintain. The fee is a little more to cover the additional costs involved, but this is a small price to pay for your loved pets to receive the best possible surgical experience and minimal pain.

What are the benefits of laparscopic bitch spays..?

The benefits include a rapid recovery, less pain and lower chances of complications, meaning no more buster collars and you don't have to take days off work to look after your pet plus an all round much less stressful experience.

Ovariectomy vs Ovariohysterectomy

This is an important point as it often causes confusion. During a laparoscopic ovariectomy only the ovaries are removed which shortens surgical time, reduces the risks involved both during and after surgery and significantly reduces the pain involved.  During an old fashioned ovariohysterectomy, the ovaries and uterus are both removed through a larger incision which often involves tearing the ligaments. 

Why leave the uterus behind during the laparoscopic ovariectomy? Decades of clinical research show that there are no medical advantages to removing the healthy uterus and the long term health outcomes are the same for both ovariectomy and ovariohysterectomy. This is why the laparoscopic ovariectomy procedure has been performed in Europe for over 25 years. Both operations will stop the bitch from coming into season and both will prevent uterine pyometra (a life threatening infection in the uterus). 

In dogs older than 8 years of age, the uterus may need to be removed at the same time, however this will be discussed at the pre spay examination.


1 The ovary is grasped2  2 The ovary is raised upwards against the abdominal wall2  3 The ovarian ligament is sealed2  4 The ovarian ligament is cut2

1] The ovary is grasped           2] Ovary is lifted upwards        3] Ovarian ligament is sealed      4] Ovarian ligament is cut

5 The uterus is sealed cut2  6 Any remaining fatty tissue is sealed cut2  7 The ovary is grasped removed2  8 There is no haemmorhage2

5] Uterus is sealed & cut      6] Remaining fat is sealed & cut     7] Ovary is grasped & removed    8] There is no haemmorhage


How much do your laparoscopic bitch spays cost..?

Lap spays for bitches start at £368 and vary according to the size of your pet. Just call us for more information and to confirm prices.

"I can’t recommend this enough! I was so impressed with the recovery rate, no pain or discomfort; previous spays I have had elsewhere always resulted in problems - discomfort, infections ripped stitches over the years with various females we have owned. We have never managed to have a simple one so was dreading getting the bouncy Cleo done and was so relieved to find the Mobile Vet offered a laparoscopic bitch spay. I was so surprised by how simple and easy it was. Her tiny scars were completely healed within a week! For a very bouncy lurcher impossible to keep quiet this was amazing. Thank you as always to Dan and his team and a big sloppy thank you from Cleo." Review - Michelle & Cleo

Other laparoscopic surgery

The use of key hole surgery with cameras is not limited to bitch spays alone. It is also excellent for taking biopsies, minimally invasive exploratory surgery of the abdomen and cryptorchid castrations amongst others. Again, call us for more information.