Home visits

Examining your pet in their home environment makes them feel so much more comfortable. They are less nervous and more amenable to handling, especially very anxious animals. No more wrestling cats in to cat baskets or pretending to take your dog for a walk only to spring on them that you are actually going to the vets! There is no need to put your cat in a basket before we arrive; this will just alarm them! Please just keep them confined to a room and close the cat flaps, doors and windows.

Please call to arrange an appointment at your convenience. The low visit charges mean that you do not have to worry about incurring extra costs, in fact you may well find the opposite for routine home visits.

Diagnosing and treating pets in their homes is easier on you, your pet and the vet (if they are mobile!) so everybody wins! We have access to everything we need in the mobile unit & if we have a nurse with us, we can happily take blood samples to analyse samples in our lab & perform surgery as necessary. Medication is also at hand with our on board pharmacy for treating conditions and we have preventative healthcare products such as flea treatments, wormers and shampoos too. We also have laptops with veterinary software plus roaming internet access to keep all your pets clinical records at the touch of a button.

View a map of routine visit areas on our Where we work page.



Procedure Animal Price (£)
Consultation n/a £18.00 at home, £34.00 at base
Routine visit (Area A - see details above) n/a £27.00
Routine visit (Area B - see details above) n/a £29.00
Routine visit (Area C - see details above) n/a £34.00