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CT Scans

Our modern digital x-ray facilities are excellent at quickly and accurately diagnosing skeletal problems, however detecting small abnormalities within soft tissue can be harder to diagnose. Our Toshiba high resolution CT (computed tomography) scanner is best used to give detailed information on soft tissue structures. A scan is useful for identifying many conditions, but is invaluable when pinpointing the exact location of tumours. 

The detailed 3D images produced by the scan are critical when diagnosing and treating many orthopaedic and respiratory diseases. Abdominal images are excellent when identifying the shape, size, density and texture of all the internal structures.  Dental diseases can easily be identified, especially in smaller animals.

Many pet insurance policies will cover the cost of CT scans, but please check with your insurer.

Below are some images of scans we have performed showing the intricate detail of the abdomen and chest contents to aid diagnosis of various conditions.


                      FullSizeRender           CT scan 3           CT scan 2


How does it work?

Instead of sending out a single X-ray through the body, the CT scanner rotates 360 degrees around your pet sending out several x-ray beams simultaneously. The resulting images can then be reconstructed using special software producing a 360° 3D view of the body.

Your pet will need to be sedated as they must remain completely still. They are positioned on the table and slowly advanced into the scanner. Once complete, the sedation is reversed and we make sure they are comfortable before going home, usually within a few hours.

The images are then interpreted by our veterinary experts before we formulate our treatment plan for your pet.

If you have any queries or think your pet may benefit from a CT scan, please give us a call!

Case Study

"Dan is the Isle of Wight's "Supervet"! As one of the first to use their CT scanning service, I'd like to tell everyone how fantastic it was for us and how very stress free the whole thing has been!

My 10 year old Collie Smirnoff had a lump appear, suspected to be a tumour. We were offered the CT scan service to clarify the situation and allow surgical planning.

In less than a week we were arriving at the surgery for an appointment like any other.

We left him there while we went shopping and had a quick meal. We got the call to go and collect him again just after 6pm and it was all done. We could hear him wagging his tail as we walked in, he trotted out completely happy and relaxed as were we!

The results did show a tumour that had to be removed but because of the pictures the team knew exactly what to do and consequently he has made such a fantastic recovery. Just minutes after getting him home on surgery day he was asking for his tea and then a walk (which he was not getting!) and now, just two weeks later he is tumour free and totally recovered and is like a puppy again, he keeps bringing us toys to play with and is really enjoying life!

I'm sure the quick recovery has a lot to do with the skill of Dan and his team for which we are very grateful indeed! Also the insurance company covered the cost."

Many many thanks, Nicky & Tony - Ryde

Our CT Scan Outpatient Service

Has your vet informed you that your pet needs a CT scan? We can work closely with your vet to ensure your pet gets the CT scan required, usually within 24 hours. Every pet is scanned to the highest quality and the images are interpreted by our veterinary experts. We’ve been performing CT scans in conjunction with St Marys Hospital for over 3 years, so have plenty of experience.

The results are then sent to your vet, enabling them to quickly arrange ongoing treatment for your pet. There is no need to travel to the mainland, avoiding wasted time and unnecessary expense.

We understand that every client has different circumstances and we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure that you are happy and understand everything clearly.

Please contact your own vet for more information on our outpatient CT scanning service. The outpatient service is available for outpatient use on week days, excluding Bank Holidays. (Out of hours by arrangement only)

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