Laparoscopic (Key hole) Bitch Spays

Posted by Dr Dan on 19 October 2016

We mentioned earlier in the year that we would have some announcements to make over Summer so here they are...



After extensive investments and addditional training we at the Mobile Vet are now pleased to announce a brand new service we have on offer!

We are now performing laparoscopic ovariectomies in place of the traditional bitch spay.

Laparoscopic sugery (also commonly known as key hole surgery) is the norm for all human patients as it has been proven to be significantly less painful for the patient & allows a rapid recovery time. 

In keeping with our innovative ethos and drive to provide the best possible care for our patients, we at the mobile Vet felt it was a worthy investment to offer this additional service.

Key hole surgery involves operating through two tiny incisions in the abdomen and utilising cameras & specialised tools through the holes. The small surgical sites and excellent vision inside the abomen during surgery makes it less painful on recovery for our patients and therefore they are up and about much faster. The improved surgical visualisation makes it easier to spot any other problems in the abdomen and means minimal haemmorhage and a safer surgery compared to a traditional spay. There is also minimal tissue handling as our hands never enter the abdomen! A more rapid recovery means no more head collars, no post operative pain relief is required, you do not have to take days off work to look after your pet and an all round much less stressful experience!

We all expect key hole surgery when we go to the hospital so why are we not offering it for our pets? Good question! Well now we are... A standard gall bladder removal in human patients is performed using key hole surgery in 95% of cases; these patients leave the hospital the same day. The equivalent procedure performed via an open incision inviolves a weeek long hospital stay! 

Ok, so the price is a little more to cover the additional costs involved for us but this is a small price to pay for your loved pets to receive the best possible surgical experience and minimal pain.

Lap spays start at £300 and vary according to the size of your pet. Call us for more info!