Autumn Ailments

Posted by Dan Forster on 16 October 2013

There are various things to look out for in the Autumn.

  • Harvest mites appear as small orange creepy crawlies in the crevices of dogs' and cats' ears and between the toes. Stay on top of parasite treatment to prevent them causing irritation.
  • Conkers. Serious cases of poisoning are rare – ingestion can cause marked gastro-intestinal signs - drooling, retching, vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal pain. The conker's case and conkers themselves also present a risk by causing an intestinal blockage. Dogs usually vomit any ingested conkers quickly and treatment to control vomiting may be needed.
  • Rat Poison. Most, but not all, rodenticides in the UK contain anti-coagulant compounds that interfere with a rat's ability to clot its own blood. One off exposure to products bought in garden centres often does not cause problems. However, repeated exposure to products or exposure to professional rodent baits can cause disruption to a dog's blood clotting ability and result in massive haemorrhage (bleeding). The effects may be delayed for several days – blood-clotting (coagulation) tests are often needed to determine if a dog is at risk of developing problems. Treatment involves giving an antidote and in severe cases transfusions of plasma or whole blood.

Bonfire night

  • Luminous necklaces. The chemical mixture within these necklaces is very irritating to the gums - commonly causing salivation (dribbing), frothing/foaming from the mouth, vomiting and stomach pain. Although the signs can look dramatic, ingestion is unlikely to cause significant problems.
  • Fireworks - please call and ask to chat to Dan about the options in managing firework phobia in your pet.


Impending Awards

  • The Mobile Vet has been nominated for a Business Award! We will keep everybody posted about how we fare after the awards ceremony in a few months which is being held at the House of Commons!