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Your Questions Answered

Will it be more expensive because you are coming to my home?

No! Our prices have taken the cost of a visit in to account. This means you can make savings, particularly if you are a multi pet household. We are committed to providing excellent value for money to our clients. Remember, you will only pay the visit fee (which is significantly less than any other vets!) once per visit so if the cost of a visit and one/two consultation/s is the same as the cost of one/two consultation/s elsewhere, for every subsequent consultation, vaccination, etc. you are saving money!

If operations or more invasive diagnostics are required we encourage clients to bring their pets to our base premise in Newport; we can still perfom operations, etc. at you premise in the mobile surgery but there will be a premium for this service compared to taking them into our base.

What happens if I have an emergency - will you be able to get to me quickly?

Yes, we always have our mobile phones on us and have four vets covering the Island. Routine appointments can always be reshuffled to accommodate emergencies, just like in a normal practice!

How big is the mobile surgery and will you be able to access my premises?

If your property is difficult for a large vehicle to access there are always alternatives. We can see you at a friend or relatives house if you like or we can park nearby if you just need a house visit. If you have concerns about access please give us a call to describe your location, we may come and take a look prior to your appointment to ensure access will not be an issue. There is also an option to visit us at our central base if access is an issue.

Can you really perform CT scans?

Yes we can. We are the only veterinary surgery on the Island equipped to perform advanced imaging such as computed tonography (CT ) scans. Until now all patients would have to travel to the mainland for this service, meaning days off work, the stress of travel and the expense of the journey.

Laparoscopic (key hole) bitch spays. My vet says they do spays through key hole incisons anyway. How is your key hole surgery different?

Traditional bitch spays involve making an incision in the muscles and putting hands within the abdomen to tear the ovarian ligament and remove the contents. This has been proven to be more painful, cause longer recovery times and be less safe due to poor ability to see within the abdomen in case of bleeding. Laparoscopic spays utilise two key hole incisions to use cameras and specialised tools, so hands never go in the abdomen and the muscle incision is significantly smaller meaning much less pain & rapid recovery to normal with fewer chances of post-op complications. Key hole camera surgery is the norm for humans so we feel it should be provided for your pets. 

How is a laparoscopic bitch spay different from a conventional bitch spay?

This is an important point as it often causes confusion. During a laparoscopic ovariectomy only the ovaries are removed (ovariectomy) which shortens surgical time, reduces the risks involved during & after surgery & reduces the pain involved significantly in contrast to conventional ovariohysterectomy; where the ovaries and uterus are removed through a larger incision involving tearing of ligaments, etc. 

Why leave the uterus behind? Decades of clinical research show that there are no medical advantages to removing the healthy uterus and the long term health outcomes are the same for both ovariectomy and ovariohysterectomy. This is why it has been performed for over 25 years in Europe. Both will stop the bitch from coming into season and both will prevent uterine pyometra (life threatening infection in the uterus) as the ovaries are required for this condition to develop.
(In dogs older than 8 years of age, the uterus may need to be removed at the same time, however this will be discussed at the pre spay examination).

Spaying. At what age can my puppy/kitten be spayed?

We can spay bitches pre or post season. Pre-season spays are performed from 5 months, post season need to be 2 months after their last season. Kittens can be spayed from 3 months old.

Dentistry. The vet says my pet needs a dental with several extractions – can you give me an estimate for this?

We can provide rough estimates for dental work, although it can be difficult to know how much work is required with dentistry until an animal is anaesthetised and the mouth can be thoroughly examined.

Do you provide credit?

Unfortunately we do not, payment is required at the time of service.

Do you provide emergency care?

Yes, 24 hour emergency service is included  and we have four veterinary surgeons so we can reach you whenever you need us.

Can you really operate on my animal in your mobile surgery?

Of course! The mobile veterinary surgery has been custom designed to perform operations in. It is a similar concept to mobile operating units for charities based on the mainland which drive around performing multiple neuters and is fully equipped with all facilities required. Please note, there is a premium fee to pay for operations to be performed in the mobile surgery compared to bringing them to our base in Newport.

What if my pet needs hospitalisation?

We strive to treat our patients at home wherever possible (like us this is where they are more relaxed and comfortable!) but recognise the need that animals will sometimes require more long term hospitalisation. For more extended hospital stays, pets will be transported to our base hospital facilities where you can rest assured that they will receive the dedicated care and attention that they need. If your pet needs serious medical or surgical attention/more in depth investigation such as MRI scans, spinal surgery, etc. we can arrange immediate emergency referrals to the necessary referral establishments on the mainland with which we have a very close relationship.

I cannot find the answer to my question here..?

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please call us on 01983 212999 and we'll do our best to answer and give you advice.