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Regarding a CT scan

Dan is the Isle of Wight's "Supervet"! As one of the first to use their CT scanning service, just before Christmas I'd like to tell everyone how fantastic it was for us and how very stress free the whole thing has been! My 10 year old Collie Smirnoff had a lump appear on his bottom, suspected to be a tumour. We were offered the CT scan service to clarify the situation and allow surgical planning. In less than a week we were arriving at the Watergate Lane surgery at 4.30pm for an appointment like any other. We  left him there while we went shopping and had a quick meal. We got the call to go and collect him again just after 6pm and it was all done. We could hear him wagging his tail as we walked in, he trotted out completely happy and relaxed as were we! The results did show a tumour that had to be removed but because of the pictures the team knew exactly what to do and consequently Smirn has made such a fantastic recovery. Just minutes after getting him home on surgery day he was asking for his tea and then a walk (which he was not getting!) and now, just two weeks later he is tumour free and totally recovered and is like a puppy again, he keeps bringing us toys to play with and is really enjoying life! I'm sure the quick recovery has a lot to do with the skill of Dan and his team for which we are very grateful indeed! Also the insurance company covered the cost. Many many thanks!

Nicky & Tony - Ryde


Regarding a laparoscopic bitch spay

I can’t recommend this enough! I was so impressed with the recovery rate, no pain or discomfort; previous spays I have had elsewhere always resulted in problems - discomfort, infections ripped stitches over the years with various females we have owned. We have never managed to have a simple one so was dreading getting the bouncy Cleo done and was so relieved to find the Mobile Vet offered a laparoscopic bitch spay. I was so surprised by how simple and easy it was. Her tiny scars were completely healed within a week! For a very bouncy lurcher impossible to keep quiet this was amazing. Thank you as always to Dan and his team and a big sloppy thank you from Cleo.

Michele - Newport


We just wanted to say a huge thankyou to John, for operating on our Greyhound, Gracie. For the initial consultation last week, to the operation to remove a mass. This is a surgery that actually care about your pets, and don't charge extortionate fees, as certain other practices on the island do. We would encourage any pet owners to use The Mobile Vet home visit service or take their pet to the central base in Newport.

Thankyou so much for everything you have done for Grace. And thanks to your veterinary nurse, and Jackie on the reception desk. You should be proud of yourselves for the service you provide. You treat animals with real care. And the owners too. It shows.

Shari - Cowes


A big thank you to both Dan and Mat for being so kind, caring and understanding when supporting us with the decision we had to make to end our dear little cat's life and put her peacefully to rest.

To have a vet service whose main priority is to visit owners in their own homes is a long awaited, unique and far less stressful service for all involved. I cannot recommend them enough and thank you for the follow up sympathy card which was such a sincere and positive gesture.

Michelle - Godshill


To have a mobile vet on call 24/7 is a wonderful and affordable service for your pet. I only wish that I had registered with him sooner at the start of his innovative business, and then my 19 year old cat Rosie would not have had the last year of her life being traumatised by being transported in her basket and then by listening to dogs in the vets waiting room.

We called Dan when Rosie took a turn for the worse and her last moments were so peaceful for her on her favourite bed in the conservatory and he was brilliant with her. Thank you Dan.

Lynne - Binstead


I have just experienced a superb and unique veterinary service from The Mobile Vet.
With an elderly, arthritic, very nervous dog, I was worried about trying to transport him to a clinic. I sent an email via the Mobile Vet website and once I had registered on line (very simple) had a prompt reply with an appointment booked for the next day, and confirmation of a visiting vet (Dan or Matthew)

It was so lovely for Matthew to assess Lollypop in a calm, familiar setting. Matthew was superb, listening carefully. He was kind and gentle and Lollypop was not at all afraid.  Matthew was also able to calm me as I was rather worried and came up with sensible, non-money making suggestions. He also included my daughter (who is a vet student) in Lolly's treatment which was a great learning experience for her.

I am thrilled with this wonderful veterinary service and the cost was definitely no more than attending a traditional surgery. In fact there was not the usual pressure to have "other recommended services" which I have often experienced on the mainland.

Thank you Mobile Vets. We feel in very safe hands and thoroughly recommend you.

Annabelle  - Bonchurch.


I recommend Dan and Matthew to everyone.  When they treated my cats, they never rushed; they explained all the options clearly and skilfully; and of course there wasn’t any of that stress of transporting cats in the car and waiting in a surgery with other animals. The cats didn’t even seem afraid of them!

When it came to euthanasia for one of my cats, I was so thankful that it could take place at home! It made a sad time so very much less horrible. It was discussed gently; it was peaceful, with no anxiety for the cat; and Matthew was so kind and gentle and empathic as well as professional.

We are very lucky to have the Mobile Vet team here on the Island!

Ros - Ryde


Just wanted to say a big thank you to Matt from the Mobile Vet who came to vaccinate Raffles, Cee Cee and Twiggy today ..... arrived bang on time with his bag of goodies and scales ...... really really pleased we have found you, no more car journeys to the local vet - cats in baskets, all of us getting stressed at the back of the queue followed by a very quick 10 minute appointment ...... Matt did a full health check on each cat - brilliant service, call in any time the cats love you !

Brenda, Freshwater


This morning my two border terriers, Truffle [8] and Rufus [3], were due to be neutered. I must admit to feeling rather nervous about my decision to book the new mobile vet, but I needn't have worried at all. The surgery was parked yards from the house and each dog happily went in. After their operations they both made a remarkable recovery.

The whole process was completely stress free for the dogs and for myself. Dan and Kirsty were professional, friendly and obviously very caring. From my experience, I will recommend their service to my friends and wish them every success with their new venture.

Sue, Newport

Having heard about The Mobile Vet from a friend, and having two cats that really dislike going to the usual surgeries it sounded like a great alternative. I decided to give a try and I'm really glad that I did.

One phone call was all it took; registering was so simple and Dan arrived the same day, within minutes of the arranged time. He was highly professional and efficient yet down to earth and friendly. It was so much easier to discuss issues with the vet and treat the animals in their own home. With no awful cat boxes and uncomfortable waiting rooms, there was much less stress on the cats. A brilliant concept and a service that I recommend without reservation to any island pet owner!

Barry, Ryde 

I was so grateful for your sympathetic yet realistic approach to Bramble’s problem. It was so easy to have all the tests done on site to enable you to prescribe the appropriate medication. He is an elderly dog who finds visits to the veterinary surgery very stressful, the visit at home enabled him to stay relaxed during his examinations. Thank you, he seems much better today, almost back to his old self.

Rosemary, Carisbrooke

What a wonderful friendly service! very prompt and efficient! I received a lovely email following a visit, welcoming us to the practice! Dan the vet even made my three year old son's toy cat better! Highly recommended!

Laura, Cowes Baptist church

I have a 13 and 1/2 year old cocker spaniel who quivers and shakes whenever we go the vet. When he is lifted up and put on the examination table he gets worse and the whole table shakes.

The mobile vet was a much happier experience for my dog. Dan arrived promptly and was welcomed at the door by him. Dog did his usual and jumped on the sofa in excitement where he was examined by Dan. I don't think he even realised he was being examined. Poor dog needed his coat trimming a bit, which was done quickly, and with no fuss from Sparky.

Dan explained what he thought was wrong, the choice of treatments and effects of each of them. He reassured me and told me to call if I had any other worries. All this was done without Sparky getting upset and shaking himself to bits. I'm sure he will welcome Dan when he comes again. Thank you for a trauma free vets examination for Sparky.

Ann, Totland