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5 Stars - 08-06-2019 - Babs Sheppard

The Mobile vet came to my home to look at my big dog on Wednesday 5th June and decided she should go into surgery for a more thorough inspection as she had very bad breath being about 13 years old it was a worry but the kindness shown was very reassuring The dog was picked up by car on Friday 7th at 8.30 am and she went off very happy to be going somewhere in a car which she loves the day was spent with reports from the surgery to say she had 3 teeth removed and was doing well home she came again feeling a bit sorry for herself but was soon eating scrambled eggs for her tea at all times I was informed on her progress and how to cope with her after the operation I felt this dog was better cared for than a person was in hospital and would highly recommend the Mobile vet to anyone with pets knowing they are in the best hands possible Thank you for treating my dog like your own.

5 Stars - 29-04-2019 - Fran Bussey

Our last visit was sadly to pts our spaniel. The vet was very caring, compassionate and professional. We had been attending regularly previously to this for blood tests and check ups and I cannot praise their staff and services highly enough. Thank you so very much for all your care and support. My other 3 dogs are also registered here.

5 Stars - 29-04-2019 - Carol

Recently attended for annual vaccinations for 2 of my cats. Excellent service from the team at The Mobile Vet as always. Highly recommended.

4.8 Stars - 01-01-2019 - Anna Bryant

I have two small dogs, one being a rescue with various health issues. I have visited the vets a few times this year with minor complaints for both dogs and I always get excellent care and treatment. I feel that the treatment my dogs receive here couldn’t be better. Knowledgeable and kind care is given taking time to get to the root of a problem. My rescue dog had an emergency out of hours operation recently which was very traumatic for me and her and I was so impressed by the staff and how efficient the whole thing went. Great follow up advice and support. They provide a great service.

5 Stars - 19-10-2018 - Sheila

Rosie, my little terrier, was savagely attacked by another dog and required treatment for several bites around her neck. John, the vet who attended to her, was so understanding of the impact this had on me and Rosie. We had to revisit the vets 4 times to ensure that Rosie had recovered from her wounds and nothing was any trouble at all. We both appreciate the care and attention shown to us. Can't recommend the Mobile Vet enough.

5 Stars - 19-12-2018 - Nick & Tony in Ryde (CT Scan)

Dan is the Isle of Wight's "Supervet"! As one of the first to use their CT scanning service, just before Christmas I'd like to tell everyone how fantastic it was for us and how very stress free the whole thing has been! My 10 year old Collie Smirnoff had a lump appear on his bottom, suspected to be a tumour. We were offered the CT scan service to clarify the situation and allow surgical planning. In less than a week we were arriving at the Watergate Lane surgery at 4.30pm for an appointment like any other. We  left him there while we went shopping and had a quick meal. We got the call to go and collect him again just after 6pm and it was all done. We could hear him wagging his tail as we walked in, he trotted out completely happy and relaxed as were we! The results did show a tumour that had to be removed but because of the pictures the team knew exactly what to do and consequently Smirn has made such a fantastic recovery. Just minutes after getting him home on surgery day he was asking for his tea and then a walk (which he was not getting!) and now, just two weeks later he is tumour free and totally recovered and is like a puppy again, he keeps bringing us toys to play with and is really enjoying life! I'm sure the quick recovery has a lot to do with the skill of Dan and his team for which we are very grateful indeed! Also the insurance company covered the cost. Many many thanks!

5 Stars - 01-09-2018 - Michele in Newport (Laparoscopic bitch spay)

I can’t recommend this enough! I was so impressed with the recovery rate, no pain or discomfort; previous spays I have had elsewhere always resulted in problems - discomfort, infections ripped stitches over the years with various females we have owned. We have never managed to have a simple one so was dreading getting the bouncy Cleo done and was so relieved to find the Mobile Vet offered a laparoscopic bitch spay. I was so surprised by how simple and easy it was. Her tiny scars were completely healed within a week! For a very bouncy lurcher impossible to keep quiet this was amazing. Thank you as always to Dan and his team and a big sloppy thank you from Cleo.


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