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Dr Dan Forster BVSc (Hons) GPCert (SAM), (SAP), (B&PS), (Endo) MRCVS

BVSc - Bachelor of Veterinary Science. These letters represent a degree in veterinary science, required for anyone wishing to practice veterinary surgery. Dan obtained this qualification from Bristol University in 2005.

Hons - Honours. This signifies that Dan passed his veterinary examinations amongst the top percentage of the year.

GPCert SAM - General practitioners certificate in Small Animal Medicine (i.e. dogs, cats and small furries.) This is a qualification obtained after a two year course assessing veterinary surgeons in all aspects of small animal medicine. Veterinary surgeons who are keen to develop their knowledge and skills further aim to achieve additional qualifications to this effect. See link.

GPCert SAP - General practitioners certificate in Small Animal Practice. A similar concept to the SAM certificate; although this qualification also focuses on other aspects of small animal practice such as business, welfare, etc.

GPCert B&PS - General practitioners certificate in Business and Professional Skills. A two year certificate aimed at veterinary practitioners who would like to develop their business skills in practice, e.g. communication, marketing, practice promotion, etc. See link.

GPCert Endo - General practitioners certificate in Endoscopy & Endosurgery. This qualification was obtained after undergoing two years of courses, practicals, assessments & exams. This qualification has enabled Dan to be able to offer additional procedures including key hole spays, rhinoscopy, cystoscopy, endoscopic biopsies, bronchoscopy, foreign body retrieval and many more. See link. 

MRCVS - Member of Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. These letters represent that Dan is a practicing member of the college. See link,

Dan continues to strive to develop his expertise as a veterinary surgeon further, for the sake of all patients and clients and is currently enrolled on a course studying for a Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice.

Kirsty Forster RVN C&GCert Exotic MBVNA

RVN - Registered Veterinary Nurse. These letters indicate that Kirsty is a registered nurse, which demonstrates that she has been specifically trained in veterinary nursing and has passed examinations plus practical & theoretical assessments.

C&G Cert Exotic - City & Guilds Certificate in Veterinary Nursing of Exotic Species. This is an additional certificate Kirsty has undertaken to reflect her interest in the care of zoo species and exotic pets such as reptiles, birds, etc.

MBVNA - Member of British Veterinary Nursing Association. These letters indicate that Kirsty has joined the nursing association, a national association that represents veterinary nurses.

Kirsty also continues to strive to develop her expertise as a veterinary nurse further and is currently enrolled on a course studying for a Certificate in Emergency & Critical Care Nursing.