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Our mobile surgery

The surgery has been custom designed by Kirsty and Dan from scratch.

The interior houses heated kennels for comfortable recovery of patients immediately post surgery prior to them being returned to their home. Sliding out from beneath the kennel is a veterinary walk on scales which will accurately weight patients up to 200kg.

The vehicle has been designed with operations in mind. To this effect there is a wall mounted anaesthetic machine with oxygen and all the necessary monitoring equipment, to include pulse oximetry (assessing oxygenation of patients), blood pressure monitoring equipment and more!

All the necessary surgical tools and consumables are housed in the built in cupboards where, carefully stowed are our analysis machines and microscope amongst other laboratory/diagnostic equipment to help diagnose our patients ailments whilst on the move.

Also neatly contained within the mobile surgery is a dental machine with polisher and scaler to keep your pets teeth in pristine condition.

The onboard dispensary ensures that we have medication at hand, be it flea/worm treatment or more specific prescription medication. Anything we do not have can be obtained the very next day for you.

Roaming internet and access to veterinary software allows us to keep our patients records at our fingertips, whilst a mobile card machine makes payment quick and convenient for our clients.

Being mobile we do not have a direct electricity source so kindly request access to a standard plug socket to plug into the mobile surgery, although we have a back up generator for use as necessary.