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Dan spent his childhood on the Isle of Wight, growing up amongst the usual barage of family pets. When studying for A-levels he pursued a rigorous programme of work experience, lambing and calving on farms around the island and volunteering at the RSPCA centre in Godshill in anticipation of joining Bristol Vet School to begin studying to become a vet. Graduating in 2005, Dan initially travelled to Greece to work in Thessaloniki as a volunteer in a neuter clinic. Following this he returned to the UK to work at a mixed practice in Wiltshire working with all species. In Summer 2009, Dan travelled to the Esther Honey Foundation in Rarotonga, Cook Islands to volunteer for 2 months where he spent time treating and operating on stray animals and pets of the local community and was fundamental in helping set up x-ray facilities in the overseas clinic.

Following his return to the UK, Dan moved back to the Isle of Wight in 2009 with Kirsty where he has spent the last 4 years working at various practices prior to starting The Mobile Vet, which has now been in action for almost 5 years.

Dan is a keen contributor to veterinary literature, providing articles for veterinary magazines on medical and surgical topics.

He has also been active as a duty vet for several pedigree cat shows on the mainland and enjoys working with dogs, cats & all small furries.


Kirsty's background was initially in media and graphic design until personal circumstances lead her to reflect on what she really wanted to do in life. To follow saw Kirsty pursuing her true dream of caring for animals. 13 years ago Kirsty began a rigorous training course in veterinary nursing at a veterinary hospital in the Cotswolds. It was not long before she was qualified and subsequently registered as a veterinary nurse.

5 years working as a veterinary nurse in a busy veterinary hospital has put Kirsty in good stead to deal with any patients in need of care. In 2009 she moved with Dan to the Isle of Wight where she has spent the last 9 years working as a veterinary nurse in various practices on the Island.